A Sustainable Gift Card
A Sustainable Gift Card
A Sustainable Gift Card
A Sustainable Gift Card

A Sustainable Gift Card

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You want an original gift without taking any risk? 

Choose a LunelVintage gift card! It enables you to offer sunglasses that are vintage, sustainable and having optician certified lenses. The gift can then be chosen for a year among all our unique sunglasses on the website. You are just a few clicks away to make a circular gift! 


How does it work? 

Choose the amount for your gift card. You will receive an email with a code for future purchase of the total amount selected, but not only!

LunelVintage offers and sends you a physical card, and made in a paper that contains seeds. Once the lucky person wants to enjoy sunny days, she/he simply has to connect on the website and use the given code to order its Lunel sunglasses. It will be sent to them in a short delay. 

The card is available in English and French (ask for it in order's comment).

The code is valid for a year on this website.  The sunglasses can be returned during the 14 days after receiving it. Bonus: The gift card can be planted and turn into flowers!


Which Amount? 

Most of our sunglasses cost between 67€ and 109€. So here is what your present means.


30€ = The half - Half the price of sunglasses and a nice help for a sustainable style on the bahamas

50€ = Almost there - there will only be around 20€ to add for the person to get their favorite Lunel sunglasses, unless they have luxurious taste

70€ = The one - for a pair of Lunel at 67€ and shipping

80€ = Some more - Free to choose among more sunglasses

90 € = More - large choice of sunglasses and a generous gift

110 €= All-in - Luxus choice of Lunel or almost 2 pairs when it is hard to choose


Any questions? Write us at contact@lunelvintage.fr