About Blue light glasses

There is a lot happening on our screens (computer, tablet, phone, TV), especially at the moment when we work from home, cheer on visio and stream ourselves to bed. On average, a French person spends more than 5h a day in front of screens (source), which is just below the world average of 6h42min screen time a day.

And our digital screens, no matter the size, emit blue lights when on.

What is the blue light?

Screens use more blue light because it is an energy efficient way to have a clear image . It has been shown by researchers of Havard that the blue light suppresses more melatonin than other light. And melatonin is the hormone that helps us to sleep!

Why wear blue light blocking glasses?

If more melatonin means a better sleep, then less blue light from your screens means sweet dreams! It will also protect your eyes from long exposure to digital screens, reduce eye fatigue and prevent potential damage to your retina (long term).

How do I see through my blue light glasses? 

It doesn’t change the way you will see life and screens. But you might feel relieved, and more sleepy at night!

Blue light glasses tested!

Ophélie tested for us wearing LunelVintage blue light glasses in her work routine and says (article here) : 

“Very comfortable to wear, the glasses relaxed my eyes by wearing it. A huge difference after a day in front of the screens: No headache!”

Try LunelVintage’s blue light glasses and stop singing “I am the screen, the blinding light -My night is colored by headache gray” (R.E.M rock band).

If you have any questions, you can contact us.