How to choose your glasses in harmony with your face shape?

This are just some advices, feel free to try whatever you like and represents you. Moreover our frames are gender-neutral.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write to us:

 1. Face shape

Round face :


If your face has curved lines, without angles and similar length and width: you can wear round shaped frame to accentuate it or you can compensate it with angular or geometric frames. Do not hesitate in giving more structure to your face shape.



          Sunrise          Basic Bourgeois Light


Oval face:



It’s the most popular face shape: you can wear whatever you want. The important point is to wear something that you like, in harmony with your personality. If you opt for square shaped glasses they will contrast with your face curves. While, butterfly ones will make your favor you. Then, round glasses can give you an original style.


          Twinkle          Shine like a diamond


Low based triangular face:


This latter has a narrow forehead, and the face will widen to the chin. You must add width by wearing glasses which upper part is well visible. They can be thicker or more colorful.




          Beausoleil          Lynda


Top based triangular face:



This face has a large forehead and brows, and a narrow chin. We recommend light, pale or thin frames. Avoid strict, geometric and butterfly ones.





Square shape :



This face is recognizable thanks to a large forehead and jaw. You can soften it with oval and round shapes.




          Bright Benetton Light          Lila Balenciaga Light


Rectangular shape :



This face is longer than wide with often a long nose. Dare to wear big and oval frames, cat eye or butterfly ones. We recommend to avoid massive and hard shapes. Thin frames are made for you!



         Gold curve          Lynx Eye


2. Other features:

Eyebrows :

It’s the most important point. Eyebrows need to be just above the frame. They reflect your expressions. 

Space between eyes:

If you have a big one, wear a frame with a dark bridge that will give the impression that your eyes are closer. On the contrary, if your eyes are close, choose a thin, little and pale bridge. 


If you have a long nose, choose a bottom and dark bridge. It’s the opposite for a short nose, you need a high and light bridge. Moreover, it’s important to take into account the measure number 3 on the illustration below. 

Head width:

The point is to measure branch space. Eyeglass temples must not squeeze your temple. To give you an idea, you can have a look on the next illustration again. Check the measure number 1.