About us

 Lunelvintage's team

We are Pauline and Elsa. We are French and open to the world. We are good friends that share common values and met studying molecules in Bordeaux. We like biking in the countryside among vineyards. We like going to flea markets and finding dusty treasures.To sum up we like round things and would love for our economy to be more circular.

circular economy

How LunelVintage started

One day, Elsa came back from a flea markets expedition in Toulouse with 15 amazing vintage frames. Just because they were so beautiful and of good quality! After a good "what if" conversation with Pauline, involving probably a glass of wine, a decision was taken. We would try to save glasses from dust and bin to offer sustainable and unique sunglasses. This was beginning of 2018 and since then we follow this dream and grow with it.