Our vision & values

Our vision

We want to take part into making the world more circular, the economy and your purchase more responsible while giving you a good style on sunny days.

We are renewing glasses into sunglasses. Yes. But we believe we are also showing, among  many others, that we can think products differently. It is not all about producing. Reusing existing resources can also create value. There is no clear beginning and there should be no end, let's make it loop.

Did you know that 10 Millions glasses are thrown away every year in Europe? Together we can reduce that number!

Our values

One of the nice thing in creating your own business is that you can built it around what really matters to you. Here is what really matters to us and what LunelVintage is built on.


We follow the rule of chemistry established Lavoisier that states:

"Rien ne se créée, rien ne se perd, tout se transforme"

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”

We keep this is mind in every aspect of our company! We need material? let's see if we can use the rest of other - therefore the business card are stamped on old wall paper and the cases are made in upcycled material. We have a by-product? This must be valuable for something else. That's how we discovered, after keeping the old correction lenses for a year, that another brand could make necklaces out of it!. And so on and on and on ...

circular economy


We like when things and friendship last. Therefore we select the frames and renew it with care for it to travel through many more years with you! We also know how to surround ourselves and partner with optician that care for quality lenses and frames in France, close to us.


What we like the most in this adventure is the people we meet, the ones that also care to make an impact, no matter at what scale. Here is to Mateo, met at our first designer market and that now makes our cases, to Lola thanks to whom we can stamp our name, to Agathe for always shining in our pictures, for all those we share shooting/markets/ideas/values with and that make us want to continue thinking out of the frame. Wanna share? Contact us!