About the glasses

We could write pages about them. And, if you are interested, we will! All our frames are ORIGINAL VINTAGE, making you travel in time, from the 20s to the 90s. 

sustainable sunglasses

They are found in different countries of Europe and can be made in Austria, Germany, France, Spain and so on -you know your geography. They are carefully selected for the design, materials and quality. They are taken care of, reshaped, polished and some parts are changed. Finally the lenses' style is chosen for a modern look and changed by one of our partner optician.

Some glasses were used, other never and were sleeping in boxes or cellars. Some are designed by famous brands, others by  manufacturer that closed. From different times and styles, they all carry their mysterious story and are now renewed for you to carry them around.

Oh and - there is only one of each! 

Disclosure: a special care is taken for renewal of each frame but there might still be some traces of its past on it.

To hear more about our process to renew the lenses, you can listen to this podcast episode (in French only - sorry).

The lenses

The sunglasses' filters are without prescription, assembled on the frame by our local opticians and protect your smiley eyes a lot! The lenses are certified by our optician to protect your eyes from harmful and unpleasant effects of the sun's ray. Sounds good?

To get a bit more technical, all the sun lenses are category 2 or 3 on the norm ISO 12312-1 standard and also complies with the EU regulation. Cool. What does that mean exactly? Category 2 : good protection against sunglare. Category 3: High protection against sunglare.

 protection verres ISO 12312-1 lenses filter sunglasses optician lunelvintageprotection verres ISO 12312-1 lenses filter sunglasses optician lunelvintage

Why we do not use category 4? It is not recommended for daily use and especially for driving so we keep it easy for you on your sunny adventures!

If you need a prescription : it can be made on demand. Any other question? feel free to write us!

Limitations of use - do NOT use LunelVintage sunglasses for :

  • Direct observation of the sun of solar eclipse
  • Protection against artificial lights
  • Protection against mechanical impact hazards
  • Driving at night or under conditions of dull light